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with Simon Brearley MSc ASCC

A Problem Solving Approach to Sports Performance and Rehabilitation


As a consultant in elite sport with expertise in both performance rehabilitation and the  strength & conditioning - skill acquisition interface, I am able to offer an exceptional and unique private service for athletes looking to unlock higher performance levels. I have a particular interest in golf, running based sports and restoring physical qualities following musculoskeletal health problems.

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As a member of the European Tour official physio team I can offer an exceptional private support service for professional golfers or serious amateurs.  Informed by a blend of specialist diagnostics, musculoskeletal assessment and coach collaboration, I help create truly specific, impactful, and integrated physical preparation and development plans. 

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Performance Rehabilitation

With significant clinical experience operating within inter-disciplinary sports medicine teams at the highest level in sport, I help restore physical qualities after injury or illness and provide specialist diagnostic and planning expertise in complex cases.​

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Applied Scientific Support

As an applied sports scientist I am able to provide field-based scientific support (physiology / biomechanics / skill acquisition) to coaches to help articulate performance and rehabilitation problems.  I am an active researcher with several publications across exercise science, athletic preparation and rehabilitation.

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