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Performance Support Subscription

Who is it for?

Maybe you are a professional athlete relying on their physical preparedness when the stakes are high, a developing athlete with serious aspirations, or simply someone with important personal objectives (perhaps getting over a stubborn or recurrent, debilitating injury);  if it's important to you and you're driven, the performance support subscription is for you.

What can I expect?

A monthly subscription service which breaks down barriers, offering expert performance support regardless of circumstance - I help create solutions to deliver your objectives despite potentially limited resources. You choose whether to receive your support in-person (flexible service locations), remotely or a blend of the two.​

As part of your subscription every month you will receive:

  •  Monthly 1-1 coaching and progress tracking;

  •  App based training plan with instructional videos;

  •  Bespoke integrated monitoring system to track your progress;

  •  An allowance for remote support (post video's for technical feedback, get advice on adapting your plan around weekly commitments, and report/evidence your progress metrics)

Assessment & Programme (non-subscription)

What can I expect?

This in-person only service is usually conducted at our performance facility in Surrey, UK and includes:

  • Initial consultation and needs analysis (online prior to appointment);

  • Assessment (1-1.5 hours);

  • Programme design and orientation (1.5 hours)

  • Report 

 The assessments conducted will depend on your sport, your injury, and/or personal objectives, but will typically include a range of discrete measures which affords a broad understanding of the inter-relationship between your physical capacities and your movement preferences/reliances. This usually combines force diagnostics, musculoskeletal assessment, and field based performance tests together with stakeholder consultation (i.e. technical coach or medical team). You will receive your results and our interpretation in the form of a report.  This information is then triangulated to develop a truly athlete-specific training programme and overarching performance plan. 


Golf Physical Profiling 

Elite golfers can access this service either at our performance facility in Surrey, UK (~30mins from The Wisley Golf Club) or selected DP World Tour events each year. At the European Tour Performance Institute (ETPI) we have effectively translated research into practice to develop scientifically robust physical profiling to identify strategic areas of focus for golfers.  In turn these profiling protocols have been utilised with hundreds of tour professionals, including players inside the worlds top 50.  Therefore golfers can be sure the consultation and physical profiling services are at the cutting edge, and built on a foundation of both "evidence-based practice" and "practice-based evidence".

1-1 Coaching/Consultation (non-subscription)

What can I expect?


Looking for some input and advice without the commitment? 1-1 sessions available in-person or online.

Elite Golf Package

The Elite Golf Package is an extension of the Performance Support Subscription.  Please contact for a free 30minute consultation to discuss which of the additional support services may be of interest:


  • Seasonal physical profiling 

  • Physical preparation and development plan

  • Training progress and response monitoring

  • Injury management and rehabilitation 

  • Data insights (training, practice, recovery)

  • Golf practice / workload monitoring 

  • Nutritional support 

  • Recovery support 

  • In-person physical preparation support at tournaments

High-end Personal Coaching for High Performance Individuals

 Please contact for a free 30minute consultation to discuss which of the following support services may be of interest:


  • 1-1 Personal Training

  • Wellness monitoring 

  • Nutritional support 

  • Recovery support 

  • Performance lifestyle coaching

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